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[Skills of the future] Creativity++ workbook is now published

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

This week, the Creativity enhancing workbook was published on Amazon (multiple markets) in paperback and hardback formats:

This article takes a sneak peek into its content.

Research (Richards, R.L. 2007) has demonstrated that creative thinking allows a refined observation of both the individual human nature and of society, helping us to become more adaptable and equipped for survival and success.

By developing creativity, we offer ourselves the gift of remaining relevant in a world that's constantly changing. And we can do this individually or together with family, colleagues, etc. With a bit of creativity (sic!) the workbook can be used at work (icebreakers for team meetings and brainstorming sessions) or home (contests with the children).

The exercises in the "Creativity++: 70 days of fun to develop your creativity" workbook have been created or adapted considering a suite of scientifically proven concepts, for maximum effectiveness:

  1. Daily creative activities are beneficial, creating a positive mood (Conner, T.S., DeYoung, C.G., & Silvia, P.J. (2018)). This is why this workbook must be used daily.

  2. Practicing visual arts develops creativity (Maliakkal, N., Hoffmann, J., Ivcevic Pringle, Z., Brackett, M. (2019)). This is why a significant part of this workbook is dedicated to this type of exercise.

  3. Divergent thinking is an indicator of creativity (Runco, M.,Acar, S. (2012)). Developing divergent thinking with the help of exercises requiring a large number of ideas leads to enhancing creativity.

  4. Childhood memories contribute to increasing creativity (Petratou, E., Paradisi, N., Diamantis, O., & Stalikas, A. (2021)).

  5. A habit is formed after about 66 consecutive days of practice (Lally, P., van Jaarsveld, C., Potts, H., Wardle, J. (2009)). This is why the workbook is designed to cover 70 days of practice.

  6. Handwriting is the most effective learning enabler for adults (Wiley, R. W., & Rapp, B. (2021)).

There are three exercises for each of the 70 days of practice to enhance your creativity: two mandatory ones and an optional one. No individual exercise requires more than ten minutes and, on most days, all three daily exercises can be done in ten minutes.

If you feel artistry, just get yourselves some colored pencils.

Most of the exercises in the "Creativity++: 70 days of fun to develop your creativity workbook" have a time limit and it is important to be considered.

The last few pages of the "Creativity++: 70 days of fun to develop your creativity" workbook will help you acknowledge the changes in your creativity level during the 70 days of practice.

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