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I started writing short fiction during middle school, getting some local and national awards. During high school I was more into journalism and editing, co-founding the college newspaper and contributing to its 100+ years old literary magazine. Since I was equally passionate about science, I enrolled and graduated from a technical university and spent 20 years in the IT&C industry. While I wrote mainly emails, white papers and speech content in the past two decades, I somehow knew there would be a time when I would write again. 

There's nothing more therapeutical, in my opinion, than getting lost in a fictitious world I resonate with, making space and time look and feel completely different. For now, my fiction work is available only in Romanian and some short stories are published on this website.

But most of my work is non-fiction, combining creative writing with my professional expertise.

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In August 2022 I started the implementation phase of my boldest professional decision: to take a career break and dedicate my time to writing about what I've learned, practiced and made mistakes in the past 20 years: leadership, continous learning, resilience, authenticity, creativity, curiosity, storytelling, public speaking, trends and futurism, cognitive biases, diversity and inclusion.

I believe most of these topics are applicable in any domain and they can help anyone ready to know themselves better and willing to maintain their relevance.

No matter how appealing personal experiences are, I like to use outcomes of scientific research each time I make a claim. Spending so much browsing through studies and experiments, when I find something interesting, I write an article (on the Blog here, or on medium).

I've realised there's a lot of valuable information and knowledge that we take for granted in large (public) companies, but that is not known by people outside this circle so I tried various ideas to make complex or abstract concepts accessible outside this environment. This is how I ended up with the practical activities workbook, which includes very small amounts of theory and lots of exercises. The guiding questions are, most of the time, inspired by coaching techniques and various management tools (managing objectives, KPIs, OKRs, decision-making techniques, planning tools, SWOT analysis, etc.). You can find all the workbooks published so far in the Publications section of this website, together with links to the shops that sell them. The Free Resources section includes free activities, templates, etc.

Sometimes, a too vast topic becomes a book and you can find it in the Publications section if it is already on the market or in the Coming Soon section if not.

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