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A workbook, in Romanian, with 70 sets of activities designed to develop creativity, suitable for any age.

Author's note:

"Creativity is considered an essential skill in the 21st century because it differentiates us from artificial intelligence and robots that are increasingly taking over human activities. It is the basis of most innovations in technology, science and the arts, but it is also important and, above all, useful in everyday life, helping us to find solutions for the problems we face.

I have used the exercises in this workbook for the last fifteen years of my management career in multinational technology companies. They helped me and my colleagues to solve difficult problems with a smile instead of a frown, to become more adaptable and curious.

By completing these activities that bring a smile to your face, you will not only give yourself 10-15 pleasant minutes a day, but also the gift of becoming more relevant.


Deși amuzante, toate activitățile din acest caiet au la bază cercetări științifice ce le-au dovedit contribuția la dezvoltarea creativității:

 - Activitățile creative zilnice au un efect benefic, creând o stare pozitivă.

 - Nivelul creativității crește atunci când sunt practicate artele vizuale

 - Gândirea divergentă este un indicator al creativității.

- Nostalgia copilăriei crește nivelul de creativitate

- Sunt necesare circa 66 de zile consecutive pentru a crea un nou obicei

- Scrisul de mână este cel mai eficient ajutor pentru adulți, în procesul de învățare

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