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A workbook, in Romanian, with 21 sets of activities designed to increase the level of emotional and mental resilience.

Author's note:

"I have used the exercises in this notebook during the last fifteen years of my management career in multinational technology companies. They helped me and my colleagues to know each other better, to worry less, to achieve a satisfactory mental balance even when the stress level was high and to be better prepared and more adaptable in the face of unplanned changes (in the technical field, almost all the time). We became more caring, more grateful and calmer. All these results are in the human sphere, so applicable to anyone and in any context. As a result, I wanted to make them known and accessible to everyone.

Completing the activities in this notebook you will learn what your strengths are and how you can use them to take advantage of newly identified opportunities, what your concerns are about the future and how to solve them. You will practice empathy, gratitude, compassion and (re)discover humor. You will adopt new perspectives and make choices. You will be better prepared in a volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and constantly changing world."

A set of four activities is available for each day. Three are always the same and the fourth is specific to each day. All have been chosen, created or adapted taking into account scientifically proven benefits.

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